Judith and Bindi
Judith and Bindi

“Mastectomy Moments” flowed from the heart of me as I faced a diagnosis of breast cancer, with its attendant emotional upheaval and perceptual shifts.  Spiritual underpinnings were called upon to support the weight of cancer’s ramifications.  

From “Healing Health Plan” to “Bosoms, Bras and Bathing Suits”, I tell of my experiences and what I’ve learned to move forward in a new way of being.  I hope this sharing is helpful to you ~ Judith Ryan

REVIEWS: “I love the way Judith expresses herself on such a complicated, sacred, precious topic. There are women all over the world who would benefit deeply from reading this book ~ it is poignant, funny, informative and beautifully written.” ~ MaryAnne Church Trettenero, Occupational Therapist, Northwest Hospital in Seattle

“Congratulations to Judith! She has turned what could have been an overwhelming journey into an energetic, life-giving adventure. I commend her!“ ~ Nichole Farr, RN, LMP, CIMI

“Judith has written a wonderful book, at once a vulnerable, heartfelt, spiritual account of her journey through life threatening illness, as well as a down-to-earth guide, a toolbox that will be invaluable to many women navigating the tumultuous seas of cancer. I loved this book.” ~ Basha Brownstein, Cancer Thriver, Community Program Manager, Cancer Lifeline in Seattle (more Reviews)



Mastectomy Moments Judith Ryan

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